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 Posted by the inn door and within Grado's

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PostSubject: Posted by the inn door and within Grado's   Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:29 am

*In a flowing and ornate hand*

For Sale or Trade:

One fabulously splendid breastplate, fashioned for the discriminating giant slayer, assayed by Hesta as being thricely enchanted and the product of a true master's hand. Worth more than its weight in gold! This extraordinary and rare item can be yours for the pittance of seven thousand coins or a suitably rare and useful trade.

One ultra-resilient magical sled. This fine man-sized sled is guaranteed to slide over the roughest of rocky crags without showing the slightest hint of ding or scratch. Obviously fashioned by a true master, the low, low price of five thousand coins can bring generations of happy sledding to a family's children! A true legacy of happy snow-navigations! (+2 tower shield with /5 slashing resistance.)

Those astute enough to take notice and interest in these fine items should leave their name and a brief contact message with the fine Grado, or catch the attention of the handsomest hin in the Dale, Corky Aumble.
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Posted by the inn door and within Grado's
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