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 Death and IC knowledge loss

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PostSubject: Death and IC knowledge loss   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:52 pm

In order to provide a standard "procedure" to go by when dying and being revived or respawning I would ask that you follow the following guideline in those circumstances:

When your PC dies and is returned to live, via respawn or another method, he or she should have some amnesia in regards to the circumstances of the death in question. He or she should not remember the specific person or creature who did the killing, the specific location, or any specifics pertaining to how he was killed. Your PC may remember the area they were in and why they were there. You may, if possible, ask other players or NPCs what exactly happened to fill in the "blank spots", assuming there was anyone around who witnessed the death.

As examples: 1) A PC is exploring the goblin warrens and falls to some of the goblins, then respawns. The PC would know that they had been exploring the warrens and that they were filled with goblins, but would not remember which specific group or location within the warrens killed them. 2) A PC is out in the wilderness when another PC whom has a valid IC conflict with him or her attacks and manages to do them in. When the PC is revived or respawns, they would know that they had been in the area where they died and what they were there for, but would not remember being attacked by the other PC or how they were killed. In both scenarios, if there were any witnesses the revived/respawned PC could obtain the "missing" information from those witnesses should they have and/or be willing to provide it.

The reason for this rule is to reduce "respawn rushing" (Respawn, and charge back at who/what killed you) and to compensate for the lack of permadeath in the module which would normally nullify the issue.

Rule borrowed from the original Daggerdale site.
-credit dolynick-

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Death and IC knowledge loss
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