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 Character Knowledge and Multiple Characters

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PostSubject: Character Knowledge and Multiple Characters   Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:06 pm

Being as this module is a roleplaying module, it is asked that you handle character "knowledge" as such.

Information known to/by one of your PCs is not known by your other PCs. If, for example, your fighter PC knows that NPC "x" is the villian in plot "y", your thief PC does not also know this until such time as he discovers it as well or is informed by a third party PC (another player) or NPC.

There is to be no "passing" or "sharing" of information among your various PCs. What is discovered or happens to a given PC stays with that PC only. Using a higher level or better suited PC to avenge or bail out another of your PCs is not allowed.

Finally, your PCs should not be related or associated directly in any manner. This means no master/servant combinations or brother/sister (at least not that directly associate). The reason for this is to lessen the likelyhood of a breach of the knowledge sharing rules.

The *ONLY* time you may pass or share information between your PCs is if you are explicitly asked or given permission to do so by a DM.

People who break or ignore this rule will be warned and asked to stop by the DMs. If it becomes a serious problem with the player then more drastic measure may be taken.

Rule borrowed from the original Daggerdale site.
-credit dolynick-

Also, just because you, as a player, know something, does not mean your character does. You may know the bad guy walking through town is shaded in red as hostile but your character does not.

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Character Knowledge and Multiple Characters
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