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 Posted in appropriate places, in various locales, around Dagger Falls

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sack blabbith


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PostSubject: Posted in appropriate places, in various locales, around Dagger Falls   Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:35 pm

**Written in careful script, the following post has appeared.**

I, Charlesburg Marburry, practicing scribe would like to offer my services to any interested parties. I am able to create, at low cost, scrolls that may aid any adventurer able to utilize the power of magic.

Below are selections:



Ray of Frost


Electric Jolt

Acid Splash

Armor of the Mage

Creature Summoning, of the first power

Magical Shield


Magical Missile

Strength of the Bull

Arrow of Fire

*Updated attachment to the post*

I have also began a study in the various enchantments of bone wands. These are considerably more time consuming and expensive to create, but with the proper preparation and payment I can place all of the above on a wand as well as a scroll.
I shall update this list as my skill with the pen, parchment and wand increases.

Any inquiries can be made to the Noble Stag Inn, in Dagger Falls, care of Charlesburg Marburry.


Charlesburg Marburry

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Posted in appropriate places, in various locales, around Dagger Falls
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