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 Parchment attached to a lanternpost near the inn

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PostSubject: Parchment attached to a lanternpost near the inn   Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:24 pm

Attached to a lanternpost near the inn in Dagger Falls a piece of parchment.
In legible hand it reads:

An ioun stone is offered for resonable sale and trade. The stone is blue and scarlet. Those familiar with such stones would know that they are magically enchanted, and can dance about the owner, granting them boons. This particular stone aids in thought and study. If interested in this stone, one should seek out Neluril Kelin or Lialith Nere'ya. Both of whom currently reside in the Falls at this time, and by asking about, one would likely be able to find them without too much bother.

Another item of note for sale or trade is a helmet with a headband fashioned upon the brow, one that aids the wearer much like the aforementioned stone.

A ring is also for sale or trade, one which aids in the memorizing and study of casting spells, to the point at which an additional spell may be procured from the first circle to the third.

A studded iron rod, twice enchanted when used as a cudgel, and able to bring forth the power of lightning and thunder is also available for purchase or trade.

Lastly, but not leastly, two sets of bracers are available for sale or trade, one set is thrice enchanted to provide additional protection from blows, and the other is four times enchanted.

Once again, if interest is found in mind or heart, a possible change in coin or goods is available. Please seek out Lialith Nere'ya, whom currently resides in the Falls.

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Parchment attached to a lanternpost near the inn
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