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 A couple thoughts on Multiclassing

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PostSubject: A couple thoughts on Multiclassing   Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:55 pm

Fighter types that choose to multi-class as rogues should not put points into their tumble skill unless they are not going to wear heavy armor.

Also, when you plan on multi-classing after level 5, please take the time to find a dm and ask for some training in the new class. You do not mystically pick up the ability to use a magic device or cast spells. This is an immersive RP server and as such, you are expected to think about what would really be possible.

Your goal should not be to create the most powerful character that is capable of soloing everything, but rather a character that has some life to it. Powerbuilding will be discouraged at all times.

Monks that wish to multiclass must belong to an order that permits multiclassing unless you have expressed DM permission.

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A couple thoughts on Multiclassing
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