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 Valadiren Senglen

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PostSubject: Valadiren Senglen   Mon May 25, 2009 1:54 am

Name: Valadiren "Val" Senglen
Race: Elf
Height: 5'8
Weight: 167 lbs
Build: Light
Skin Tone: Tanned
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Green/brown, shifting constantly.
Class: Druid
Diety: Rillifane Rallathil

Valadiren finds his origins in the Cormathor, the great forest. He was born near Yulash (As a landmark), and grew up there with the fighting around the area. He is, however, not used to battle by nature. Rather, he is a caretaker of the forest by teaching, as his parents and other elves have taught him. He began work in a grove there, tending it for some years before nature deigned to speak to him. Since then, however, he has felt restless in the forst that he called home for most of his life. One day, he sets out, for a nearby region where he might be able to do some good for nature.

((I'll add more as I come up with it. Might be a good tale!))
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Valadiren Senglen
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