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 Lyam Kross

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PostSubject: Lyam Kross   Wed May 27, 2009 8:02 pm

Despite his small stature this man stands at about five feet and ten inches, and around hundred and seventy pounds. His physical build is rather small to average man, but he carries himself with certain calm, usually aided with his staff. Looking at his arms which are usually bare you'd noticed interlocking tattoos of black oak leaves, going from shoulder blades down to back of his hands on both arms. His face is never clean shaven, but it seems to be keep well just as pale brown shadow against his fair hued skin, His hair is straight and falls about his face anyway it wishes, as if he hasn't brushed it in quite some time. Around his neck dangles a necklace, A polished stone Oak leaf, in maul shaped wooden case hangs bout his neck in honor of his god. Quiet most of the time, unless spoken to the man usually projects wisdom greater then his age. This man hails from Moonshae Isles, raised in woods by his druid mentor, the man who saved his life as young lad. He knows very little of his life afore hand and even less of world around him he knows only of woods and cares for them just as much, He left his life on isles in search of his own niche in woods where he could live out his years in peace protecting the land from anyone who would do it harm.
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Lyam Kross
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