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 Lolthara Redmoon

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PostSubject: Lolthara Redmoon   Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:41 am

This attractive young lady standing at 5' 7" tall, Has had a very hard child hood. She was told may things by her parents and was never to speak to anyone about her lessons. She had only herself and her shadow, when her parents would go away for long periods at a time looking for a long lost temple. But her shadow was always there to talk to her and they had so much fun together. When she was thirteen she was told by her shadow that her parents had been killed, soon after she found that they had been hunted down and hung as worshippers of cyric. She never let anyone know about her shadow fearing the same fate and was later rasied by a sister of sune. She was defient and angry but she waited and the hate grew inside her for what had been done to her parents. At the advice of her shadow she left the sister of sune at seventeen to travel the world. Traveling as far as Thay and passing through Dambrath in search of something hidden and long since lost. A temple her parents had spoken of and where looking for all thous times she had been left alone. With her shadows help she hopes to find this temple and what ever my await her when she does. To contiune the lessons started so long ago. This quest has brought her to daggerfalls.
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Lolthara Redmoon
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