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 Garok Strongaxe

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PostSubject: Garok Strongaxe   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:56 am

Garok was not always a misfit half-orc woodsman. He used to live in icewind dale with his tribe of barbarians, hunters, raiders and woodsmen. He grew up there, raiding, training beasts, hunting for the food and trading animal skins. Although he was an orcblood, he was given the same respect as any other races. His father was the warlord of the tribe. Garok was inevitably taught to serve Garagos, as many in the tribe of his followed this Lord of War.

There were many dangers in the wilds where Garok's tribe besided. The most dangerous threat was the giants, that lived not far away from Garok's tribe. There was a war going between these giants and Garok's tribe. There was no victory to be seen between these two, until the giants got help from another giant tribe, further to the north. Once the two clans of Giants joined together to defeat Garok's tribe, all the hope was lost. Not only they stomped down Garok's home, but they slaughtered the most of his tribe's people, including Garok's family.

Garok fell uncocious in this battle. When he woke up, he had no choice but flee. Where could a tribesman orcblood go? The obvious answer is, nowhere, for he is hated everywhere he goes. Now he travels in the lands of Daggerdale, desperately seeking acception.

(You can see a picture of Garok on my avatar. Very Happy Just kidding)

Information of Garagos:
Lord of War,
Master of All Weapons,
The Reaver,


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Garok Strongaxe
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