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 A rude awakening

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PostSubject: A rude awakening   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:25 pm

The sweat beaded from the bald head of Threndor, battling hordes of giants was no mere task. Every swing, every parry, dodge and counter strike, need precise execution. It seemed the battle had lasted days, yet had only just begun.

He fought alongside his father, cooridinating every attack with perfection, using the momentum of the giants against them.

The battle had all been but won, dwarves began to cheer in anticipation, unbeknownst to the rest one surviving giant raise his massive club, Threndor, his battle sense very astute, caught glimpse in the corner of his eye, he began to charge forward, his eyes widening as realization struck him that his father was the target of this massive club..... he charged...yet he met some kind of resistance, his feet almost seemed slowed as if by some magical spell, he charged.....crying out prayers to the battle lord to grant him the strength to break free of this magic.....the club came crushing down.......

Threndor awoke with a battle cry that echoed throughout the halls of Falstaff Manor, he swiftly realized that he had just awoke from a terrible dream.....but had it been a dream, or was it a glimpse of the future, granted to him by the grace of his beloved Deity, The Battle Lord.

His faith so pure, he gathered up all he could carry, posting a note on his door, granting Lord Morn the right to the manor, free to sell it as he see fit, further asking that the funds from the sale be donated to the defense of the Falls.

He left quietly, no word left to his many friends, not wanting to worry them with his long trek ahead.

As he passed through the gates of the falls, he nodded to the guards on duty, as he had done countless times before, seeking adventure, he began his long journey.

(OOC) i should have posted this long before, but honestly have not had the time, i hope this fits to what has transpired since ive been away.
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A rude awakening
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