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A forum dedicated to Neverwinter Nights gamers that wish to roleplay in the Forgotten Realms setting of Daggerdale and it's surrounding areas.
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 Daisy Rastafer

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Miss Daisy

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PostSubject: Daisy Rastafer   Daisy Rastafer I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 1:17 pm

Born the youngest of three children fathered by an unknown elf, and a human mother by the name of "Iris Rastafer." Raised on a small farm in Shadowdale with her half sister "Klamatis" and blood brother "Celolad" she spent most of her earlier days helping travelers that her mother gave room & board as an extra income, with so many travelers passing through with stories of adventure and treasure she started to hunger for the adventuring life. On a cold winter a few years back a traveling mage by the name of "Nogari Fingrass" took room & board at the Rastafer farm for the winter, In hope of of catching "Elminster the Sages" eye he spent the whole winter schooling "Klamatis" and "Daisy" in the arcane arts. While "Klamatis" took to her studies quite well, "Daisy" always drifted away from her lessons to spend time commiting petty crimes with her older brother "Celolad." After the winter passed "Nogari" realized his efforts to catch the attention of "Elminster" was a complete and utter failure, and without word took off. In the spring "Daisy's" brother "Celolad" left with a passing caravan that was traveling to "The Sword Coast." "Klamatis" on the other hand did not respond well to "Nogari" & "Celolad's" decission to up and leave, she earned enough gold by doing odd jobs to hire a local half-orc to aid her in her quest to locate "Nogari" and vanished later that spring. "Daisy" was left by everyone she held close to her heart, and became very hateful and heartless as a person. Returning home late one summer night after having drinks with some friends at "The Old Skull Inn" "Daisy" had noticed that her mother had not checked the mail that day, so she stuffed the only letter in her pocket and made her way to the house, as she approached she heard a loud comotion in the living room, sneaking to the side of the house she watched through the window while two men questioned her mother about "Nogari's" where abouts. When her mother could'nt answer their questions the men beat her to death with clubs and fled into the darkness. "Daisy" rushed in to help her mother but realized it was to late, in a pit of despair "Daisy" made her way into the barn, strung a rope around the rapter and put it around her neck. Feeling as though everyone in her life was gone, she stepped onto a chair dropping a letter out of her pocket. She gave it a glance noticing it was from "Klamatis" and was post marked by "Dagger Falls" and had the word urgent scribbled across it. She took the rope off and sat in the chair reading the letter:

Mom & Daisy,
I hope ya'll are doing better than me? My search for "Nogari" led us to "Daggerdale." I'd heard he was headed towards this area, so we made the trip. After arriving in "Dagger Falls" my halfbreed buddy and I made our way for some drinks at the local inn, The next day I woke up in jail, with the guards telling me that in a drunken fit I had killed a waitress! I fear I have messed up big time, the guard tells me that I could be sentenced to death! Please send help ASAP!


After reading the letter she gathered what gear she had, grabbed her dwarven buddy and headed to "Daggerdale" insearch of answers!
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Daisy Rastafer
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